Digitally Sign Form16/16A - One Stop Solution

V-Secure Form 16 Signer is a simple, easy-to-use desktop software for digitally signing all form 16’s in one go. This PDF signing solutions helps organization to digitally sign Form16 files with just few clicks of Mouse. Software features include Merging Part A and Part B of Form 16 and also sending these digitally signed PDF files through email using MS outlook. Thus saving the hassle and cost of printing and distributing the form 16’s.

It takes already generated PDF Form 16's at a time (bulk signing) as an input, digitally signs them and keeps them in the output folder. The software allows signers to associate their handwritten signature image or company logo with the digital signature.

Sample Form 16

(Please open in acrobat and not in the browser)

It costs fraction of your present distribution costs and is available on Form based payment or unlimited versions.

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Key Features

  • Associate Handwritten signature image or company Logo to the digital signature
  • Configurable signature Appearance
  • Encrypt using password
  • Control log
  • Email form16s
  • Merge form16s part A and B.
  • Save Paper Save post Save Print